Skincare and Treatment Advice

Beauty is not defined by age. Learn what you can do for your skin and the options available to change what you don’t like to become a more refreshed you – with the focus on natural results.

Most people do not like to appear as if they have had cosmetic treatments, this is our goal when treating you.  Enhancement of facial areas that you feel may be ‘deficient’ can also be addressed with treatments in clinic.  Some common areas are Thin Lips, Weak Chin, Flat Cheeks, Gummy Smile.

Skincare & Treatments Through the Ages

In Your 20s

Develop good habits with your skin: cleanse, moisturise and above all PROTECT! It is so important to use a sunscreen especially in our Australian climate.  Medical grade skincare products are available if you have specific problems with acne or other skin concerns.  For those needing extra intervention Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion and Peels may also be an option.

In Your 30s

Small signs of aging can start to appear in your 30s. You may start to develop frown lines, laughter lines around the eyes or forehead lines. Your skin may feel drier due to the breakdown of collagen. Besides continuing your good skin care habits, there are treatments that can improve the appearance of fine lines available after a  cosmetic consultation.  Some people in this age group may also like to enhance their cheeks and lips with volume enhancing treatments.

In Your 40s

The texture and tone of your skin can appear duller as collagen production and exfoliation are not as quick as when you were younger.  You can lose volume in your face and your skin becomes a bit looser.  Whilst you continue with your good skincare regime some additional products can be introduced, Vit A being one of them.  This is also a good age to introduce volume enhancing treatments (available after consultation) to maintain your volume and prevent future ‘sagging’ of your face and the development of jowls etc. These treatments can be used to sharpen your jawline and soften fine lines along with cheek and lip enhancement.  By consultation, treatments are available to keep the lines at bay around your eyes, frown and forehead. Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion and Peels are always an added option.

In Your 50s

The aging process continues, and fat cells can begin to collect under the eyes and around the neck and chin. The decrease in the production of oestrogen affects your skin, increasing dryness and reducing elasticity.  If you have been having treatments in your earlier years you may just need to add additional areas eg you may have only had volume enhancement in your cheeks, now you may need to address the lower face.  If you are new to these treatments then a more comprehensive treatment plan may be required.

In Your 60s & 70s

Whilst the aging process continues and your skin becomes thinner and more lax, the above Skin Care products and treatments can still be undertaken. However, we often take a softer approach with these to keep a natural look with our aim for you to appear fresh and looking great for your age. It is always our aim to produce results that do not look like you have had ‘work done’.  Our focus on facial harmony is paramount and leads us to our treatment decisions. We do not want to wipe out every line and fold as this can produce a over done, unnatural result.

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